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Frank Krasovec, CEO

Frank is a seasoned, successful entrepreneur who has founded highly successful companies in multiple industries. For over 40 years, Frank has developed, directed and provided strategic relationship development for companies in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, China and Asia.

Mr. Krasovec started his career with Pittsburgh National Bank (now PNC) before moving to Austin in the mid-70’s to partner with successful Media/Cable TV and venture entrepreneurs.

Mr. Krasovec founded Norwood Promotional Products and served as its CEO for two decades, during which time he took the company public (1993) and grew from $4 million to over $470 million in annual revenues. NPPI (NASDAQ) was the largest supplier of Promotional Products in the U.S. and Canada. In 2003, BC Partners recruited Mr. Krasovec to assist in the international expansion of Polyconcept, based in Europe and Hong Kong. Today, they are the largest Global supplier of Promotional Products and are owned by another major Private Equity firm.

He co-founded two private real estate companies which owned over 50 properties. One arm became Carr America (NYSE) which was sold to Blackstone in 2005.

Rust Investments and Rust Capital, which he co-found, went on to become Austin Ventures and Kirtland Capital in Cleveland.

Mr. Krasovec is a Co-Founder of DPC Dash which owns the exclusive rights for Domino’s China. The Company successfully listed it’s shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on March 28th, 2023 (symbol 1405.HK). Mr. Krasovec has served as Chairman since inception.

Last year, Mr. Krasovec was invited to serve on the Board of SNDL( NASDAQ), the largest private sector liquor and cannabis retailer in Canada. The Company also has major investments in multiple cannabis operators in the United States. SNDL is strategically positioned to become one of the largest cannabis operators in North America.

He is a co-founder of Top Golf China and Southeast Asia. The first store was opened in Bangkok in the fall of 2022.

Mr. Krasovec is an advisor and will also be an investor in Hidden Star, a professionally managed fund that will invest in minority and woman owned businesses, headquartered in Austin.

Mr. Krasovec is a general partner in Relevance Capital Beauty Fund headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mr. Krasovec earned his bachelor’s and MBA from Ohio University.

Margaret Krasovec, President

  Ms. Krasovec serves as the President of Norwood Investments overseeing and identifying opportunities, providing market analysis and due diligence.

  Ms. Krasovec has more than thirty years experience providing market analysis, marketing plan development and implementation, sales program audits and redesign for the healthcare, apparel and promotional products industries. She has participated in large-scale systems development efforts, in the needs assessment, strategic planning, requirements definition and implementation phases.

  Ms. Krasovec is a graduate of the University of Arkansas and holds a Master of Business Administration from St. Edward’s University.


Investments & Capital

Norwood Investments

Austin Ventures

Texas Next Capital

Hidden Star

Promotional Products


Polyconcepts (Europe & Asia)

Media & Telecom

Communications Properties, Inc.

American Cable, American Radio, American Tower (Nasdaq/NYSE)

Telesystems International (CH)

Prime Cable

Real Estate

Littlefield Real Estate/

Norwood Properties

Reunion Real Estate

Food & Entertainment

QSR Food Service

DPC Dash

Top Golf (China & Southeast Asia)

Health & Wellness

Planet Fitness

Pacific Springboard

Medical Care

Urgent Care

Fast Med China


Galveston Houston Co (NYSE)


YPO Gold Chapter

CBN/China Business Network

Managing Private Equity to Performance.


Mr. Krasovec has served on the boards of numerous community charitable and non-profit organizations. He and his wife Margaret have been deeply involved in higher education, having Chaired, and served on the Boards and Executive Committees of Ohio University, as well as St Edwards University in Austin. In 2005, Frank was elected Chairman of the Ohio University Foundation. Under Franks leadership the endowment grew to over $500 million. In 2008, Frank was appointed to the Board of Regents for the State of Ohio. Mr. Krasovec currently serves on the Boards of Southwestern University (oldest university in Texas – chartered in 1840), the Paramount Theatre, and the Austin Theater Alliance. They are both active in the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) Gold Chapter in Austin where Mr. Krasovec was also a co-founder.


Chief Executive Officer

Executive Assistant

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